Do You Know The Importance Of Cracking The IAS Exams In First Attempt?

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Becoming a civil service officer is a prestigious post, and you have to work really hard for clearing the civil service exam. Clearing the exams is not that easy, and you have several chances to clear the exam. It would be good when you clear the exam in the first attempt as it would be a significant boost to your self-confidence. It is always easy to clear the exam in the first attempt as you would put in all your efforts during the first attempt.


Top IAS coaching centres in Chennai play a remarkable role in training students and guiding them so that they crack the IAS exams in the very first attempt. Chinmaya IAS Academy is one among the top IAS coaching centre offering quality training to the IAS aspirants. Many students from the academy have cleared the IAS exam in their first attempt.

The following article throws light on the importance of cracking IAS exam in the first attempt and how does it impact the future of the IAS aspirants

Boosts Your Confidence
IAS aspirants when they clear the preliminary examination in the very first attempt it would be a boost to their self-confidence. This would motivate them to prepare well with fire for the main examination. When you fail in your first attempt, there would be a lot of pressure from various sources which can reduce your self-confidence and you may feel discouraged. Thus always work hard so that you can clear the exam in the first attempt

Consistent Preparation
During your first attempt for the IAS examination, your preparation plan would be, and you would not waste your valuable time. You would work on your goals persistently without any second thoughts. This is not the case when you prepare for the second or other attempts. You tend to be lethargic or lose interest in preparation. Thus it is evident that when you appear for the first attempt, you prepare with utmost dedication.

No External Pressure
You would not be affected with any external pressure from family and friends when you appear for the first time for the civil service exams. People start to discourage you when you fail in your first attempt, and this affects your inner confidence. This slows down the vigour and consistent preparation. Thus you can escape from various external pressures when you crack the exam in the very first attempt.

Get Sufficient Time
People who appear for the civil service exams for the first time would get sufficient time for the preparation. You can start preparing for the exams when you’re in the final year of your degree. This gives ample time for the training.

Tips To Crack The Exam In First Attempt
Thus knowing the importance of clearing the IAS exams in the first attempt, the following tips would help you for the same.
•Hard Work Is the Key
•Proper planning and Consistent Preparation
•Manage time effectively
•Choose the Right Study Materials
•Take up several mock tests

Thus keep in mind it is always better that you clear the civil service examination in the first attempt but do not give up if you fail in the first attempt and keep trying until you achieve success.


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