Tips To Crack Your Civil Service Exam

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Becoming an IAS officer is a prestigious job, and numerous students aspire to become an IAS officer and work hard to crack the civil service exams. It is not easy to crack the public service examination as the syllabus is vast and the examination process is complicated. Proper planning and hard work is the key for the success in civil service exam. You can also visit coaching centres who can guide you for clearing the civil service examination. Several reputed coaching centres are offering IAS coaching in Chennai. Chinmaya IAS Academy is one such academy offering the right guidance for IAS aspirants. The following tips and strategies would help to crack the civil service exam.

Hard Work Pays
You cannot taste success without consistent hard work. Thus consistent hard work in preparing for the civil service examination can help in cracking the exam and becoming an IAS officer. There is no shortcut for clearing the IAS exams as the examination process is transparent and straightforward. You have to put in all your possible efforts as the syllabus of the civil service exam is vast and tough. Every year thousands of people appear for the civil service exam, and thus there is a lot of competition for the exam. You can compete with other only through proper hard work. Therefore without persistent hard work, it is not possible to become an IAS officer.

Self Confidence Is A Must
When preparing for competitive exams you have to believe in yourself and on your capabilities. Without self-confidence, your hard work would not be paid back. You have to keep yourself motivated and boost your self-esteem throughout the preparation of your IAS exam. Confidence is required for cracking civil service exams as it is difficult to crack the exam in the first attempt. You must not feel discouraged when you fail in the civil service exam for the first time. You must be motivated and continue working hard in spite of repeated failures.

Time Management Is The Key
Time is precious and make sure you do not waste your valuable time when you’re about to prepare for your interview. Preparing and appearing for the civil service exam is difficult, and you have to plan your time wisely to clear the exams. You have a vast syllabus to be covered, and thus you have to manage your time accordingly. Allocate more time for difficult and important topics. Look for the various things that suck your time the most and try to avoid it. Prioritise your work based on its significance. This would help you to cover the vast syllabus well ahead before the exam.


Managing the time during the UPSC exam is also essential as you have to be quick in answering questions. You have to follow specific strategies so that you do not waste time on the same question. Move on complete the things that you know well and come back to the difficult questions. By this, you can complete the exam on time.

IAS aspirant should make sure that they keep in mind the above mantras so that they can crack the Civil service exams easily.

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